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Code of Conduct PDF Print E-mail

Impact Class Rules

We want you to enjoy your classes but it’s not much fun when some people don’t stick to the rules. Here are a few things to consider.

  1. No child will be allowed to participate in a lesson if:

  2. a. They are more than 15 minutes late
    b. They are disruptive or have a bad attitude to any other pupil or member of staff
    c. There are more than 2 weeks of outstanding fees to pay

  3. We ask parents and other spectators to remember that it is difficult to instruct a class when your talking reaches the same noise level as a pneumatic drill! We encourage spectators but ask you to respect that a lesson is in progress.

  4. Wear the correct clothing. This means avoid clothing you can’t dance in properly. You should be able to stretch without having to surgically remove your jeans first. We also encourage our senior girls to wear appropriate underwear.

  5. We do not have a dress code but it would be nice to see some of our kit being worn in class.

  6. Bring a drink with you – preferably water and any medication (asthma pumps, etc.) you may need during the lesson.

  7. Spectators are people that watch. Please resist the temptation to stand up in class and try and teach the latest new move yourself! As surprising as it may seem, our qualified teachers probably do know what they are doing and would not necessarily appreciate external input :) 

  8. If you have a private lesson then leave the teaching to the qualified expert. We respect your opinion and will gladly listen but cannot guarantee we will agree. 

  9. We understand not everyone gets on but we ask you not to bring disputes into the great class atmosphere. Generally everyone gets on really well so we know this will not be a problem.

  10. Please help other dancers and parents. New members of the school may need some advice with costumes, info, etc. and we rely on everyone’s help with this.

  11. Try to pay your class fees on time.

  12. At competitions, examinations, shows and carnivals you are representing the school. Please act responsibly.

  13. Please pick your children up on time.


Changing Schools Policy

If you are thinking about changing schools and would like to join us, then thank you so much for considering us. Before making the move, please consider the following points:

1. We avoid bad feeling with other schools at all costs. If you are still being coached by another school in the same dance style, then we apologise but you will not be able to take part in our lessons. Please feel free to come and watch though, we encourage spectators. Please don't think we are being complacent about accepting or not accepting your business (we want Impact to be the biggest and the best) but we would not want another school to accept our dancers without a second thought and therefore, whatever our relationship is with another school, we fully intend to stick to this rule where at all possible. We ask you to be honest if you are attending lessons with another school and to understand that as much as we want you to come to Impact, we have to know you have been honest with your current teacher.

2. We NEVER poach pupils from other schools because we really don't need to. We would not want the bad reputation that is associated with poaching and we already have lots of lovely dancers of our own.

3. Please discuss any issues with your current teacher. You may be able to resolve the problem and carry on where you are. We are here to listen but will always advise you to talk it through with your current teacher. If you feel that you have made your decision to move schools and past the point of no return, then you must tell your current teacher as soon as possible and we will welcome you into our classes.

4. We would love to have you and we would do our best for you, but please remember the grass isn't always greener ........






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