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Examination System

If you have been attending our classes for a while, you may be invited to enter our examination system. We follow the IDTA syllabus for all of the dance styles we teach.

Firstly, we will issue an information sheet advising the date and venue of the next exam session. It will also tell you which groups will be involved in the exam session. This sheet is normally distributed 2 months before the exam date.

Four weeks before the exams, all candidates are assessed. This checking system enables us to assess if each individual child is ready to take the relevant exam. This also protects our 100% exam success record. If you will be unable to attend exam day or do not wish for your child to be entered for exams, please let us know.

Following the assessments, bills will be issued. The information sheet will advise when the bills must be paid by in order for all the paperwork to be completed in time. Payments cannot be accepted on the day.

Just before the exams, there will be an exam rehearsal day. This is to ensure all candidates are familiar with the exam venue, the exam procedure and what they are being examined on. The information sheet will clearly show the date, venue and time of all rehearsal sessions.

On the exam day, it is essential that you arrive in good time. The information sheet will list the arrival time for all candidate groups and the approximate finish time. Sometimes, it is necessary to run exams out of the pre-arranged running order. This cannot be helped. Often it is caused by people that have not arrived at the correct time.

Exam results are often available later on the same day. If you are not able to call for your results, you will be able to obtain them at your next lesson.

Awards and certificates take approximately 6-8 weeks to process at head office. Once the medals have been checked, we will give them out. This could be in class or at a specially arranged presentation day (depending on our timetable).

What To Wear For Exams

Correct footwear is essential.

Freestyle / RockíníRoll / Street / Jazz -
Jazz shoes or dance sneakers
Cheerleading -
Clean white trainers
Ballroom and Latin -
Latin sandals
Ballet -
Ballet shoes
Tap -
Tap shoes

The general rule is no denim and no baggy t-shirts. Wear something fitted so that the examiner can clearly see body movement. Those that participate in competitions should wear a costume. For Ballroom and Latin all candidates must be dressed smartly, girls wearing skirts or dresses and boys trousers and a white shirt. Cheerleaders will be given squad costumes to wear on the day. For Ballet, Tap and Jazz, your teacher will advise you. Rosettes should wear their Banerette if they have taken other Rosette exams before.

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