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Improvement Tips PDF Print E-mail

Gorgeous Rio with even more gorgeous hand finish

 Don’t miss class too often. Your routines and fitness can go downhill fast!

When you are in a lesson, concentrate. Don’t talk until we have a break.

Warm up properly. It prepares you mentally and physically.

Practice practice practice at home but in a big enough space so that you do not hurt yourself.

Don’t worry about what others look like, concentrate on yourself and what you want to get out of it.

If you have problems with your timing, try these 4 tips:

1. At home, count 1,2,3,4 to the beat of the music
2. Practice at home first to slower music and then faster and faster music
3. While you dance, count 1,2,3,4 in your head
4. Ask one of the graded dancers for help

Listen in class to where your arms need to be positioned. Good arms are a big improvement.

Consider attending our flexi classes. We have just started a new flexi rewards scheme. On the build up to Haywards Heath we also include more fitness.Work on stretching to improve your kicks, splits, etc.

If you see a new move you really like, try it out but don’t add it into your routine until you have
shown a teacher first.

If you are feeling a bit shy about smiling and facial expressions, practice at home in front of a
mirror first. A bright, sunny face will always get you noticed so think about overcoming the embarrassment thing. Don’t be put off by others – most of them probably wish they were as good at facial expression as you.

Be nice to everyone else in the school. Don’t waste time and effort arguing. A united school is a strong school.

Think about your overall appearance. On the competition floor you need to pay careful attention to your hair and makeup. Stand out from the crowd. Look confident and you will feel confident. Check out our costumes and make up advice page for more info.

During class, performances and competitions keep hydrated and eat sensibly. Don’t have a late night before. Stay chilled too – don’t let nerves get the better of you.


We are not sure if Gemma is that impressed
Improvement Videos

Paste the links below to view some training videos by Just For Kix:

Dance Figures


Switch Leaps

Reverse Leap

Spins in to Attitude Leap

The trio didn't have a routine so they stayed in this position for the 1 minutes 30 seconds
The Surprise Leap

Leap Combo

Tilted Jump

Turning Leg Hold with Sway


Courtz realised Charlotte had actually fallen asleep but didn't want to wake her
Straight High Kicks

Firebird Leap

Open Side Leaps

Spins (Chaine' Turns)

Straight Leap

Stretches and Exercises

High Kick Stretch

Splits Stretch

Illusions Stretch

Straddle Stretch

Nikki resisted the urge to forward roll into the centre
Straddle Stretch 2

Back Bends

Hamstring Stretch

Toe Touch Exercises



ADFP 2015


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