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U14s Team - Name To Be Decided
Ashlie Manning
Paige Emery
Ellie Monks
Chelsea Brighty-Martin
Bethany Johnson
Ashleigh Kennett
Tazz Humphries
Hannah Flanagan
Keira Deverson
Kashi Giles
Charlotte webb
Nicole Hart

U18s Team – Dance Obsession
Daisy Brown
Edi Eastwood
Melissa Honour
Abigail O'Neill
Taisya Connolly
Flo Parsonson
Charlie Oldham
Marissa Jenkinson
Beth Whitington
Emma Swan
Lana Butcher
Tiffany Marshall
Zara Newman
Hannah Marshall
Abbie Currid - Team Captain
Fern Addy - Team Captain




U25s Team - Extreme Impact
Gemma Edwards
Gemma Morris
Lauren Jenkinson
Charlotte O'Neill
Kim Foulkes
Lucy Foulkes
Katie Cooper
Anna Currid
Sherrilyn Jenkinson
Jess Wratten
Lauren Pullen
Jayde Becque
Nicole Cooper
Courtney McDermott
Natalie Brown
Jade Pullen
Rio Vincent - Team Captain



O36 years Team - Chocoholics
Karen Edwards
Debbie McDermott
Julie Brodie
Tracey Ricketts
Mary Brown
Debbie Goldstone
Andrea Best
Denise Hoare
Lynette Harley
Dee Flanagan
Jacky Ruddock - Team Captain
Heather Ackland - Team Captain



O36 years Team - The Big Apple
Barry Goldstone
Becky Wratten
Matt Wratten
Colin Cooper
Gill Casey
John Casey
Judith Hall
Brian Connolly
Tina Connolly
Andy Oldham
Jan Manning
Allan Flanagan
Paul Honour
Lisa Jeffery
Kerry Pullen - Team Captain
Nicole Casey - Team Captain

Team Themes for 2011

Although there were many good ideas put forward, there are 3 that I can work with. I want to steer away from famous movie characters, pop stars, TV personalities this year and try something different. A few of us spoke about this at Blackpool and it is time to try something new.

These are the 3 ideas, in no particular order, I have found them very difficult to explain in writing, but here goes:

1. Military
The 8 men are dressed in Military uniform (which ones is to be decided) and the ladies in 1940s ladies 'going out' clothes. Men come on to one piece of music (marching type), followed by ladies with a jive style Glen Campbell piece. The routine is a mix of couples stuff, marching and jive style music.
The highlights are a section using no music where feet marching and a gun display create the music and the ending, which is a multi-level lift, creating sections of a poppy on the backs of the male team members which makes one big poppy. From the back of the necks of the four male bases, the 8 ladies pull a triangular 1/4 of the union jack flag that creats one big flag as they run to the corners of the room with a poppy in the middle created by the men's uniforms.


2. Two-Faced
Dancers are one thing on the front of the costume and another on the back of the costume. What, I have no idea! The suggestion to make you individual musical instruments that create one big band, or several go together to create one big instrument is good but I need some brain storming with other team members for that. There were some good ideas at the meeting about one person running along and playing the instrument etc but I am not sure what your other side could be. I originally thought black and white minstrels but I am sure someone told me you get in trouble for that sort of thing nowadays?!? Whatever the other side is, it must not be cheesy as I think that would ruin the impact of the instruments. The main lift would be a giant piano. The problem with two-faced, is I always get stuck at this point. I have wanted to use it for ages, but always get stuck on what both sides are and how we could create the costume. Not been able to allocate certain people to certain position as I am stuck for ideas.

3. The Circus
This is a late idea, but one that I have given quite some thought to. Clowns, Allan, Paul or Barry as the ringmaster, trapeze artists, couple of lions, maybe a sealion?, lion tamer, Andy as the strongman, someone as the freak of nature (3 heads, 9 arms, furry feet etc.). Sort of music is Pink's Funhouse (this used to be a funhouse, but now it's full of evil clowns lalala), traditional big top music etc. Thought of a section where the clowns get up to all sorts of naughty stuff while the others are dancing. The lift is a human big top which is multi-level. Thought Brian and maybe a couple of others might be up for learning how to eat fire as fire eaters would look effective.


I like all 3, but must admit the ideas have flowed a lot more for the circus as I guess that is the one that has the humour in it. My least favourite is the two-faced but that is because I am so stuck for ideas (perhaps we could combine the two faced with the circus theme?). I like the military idea because I think the marching sections will be easy, however, I am a little concerned that it is a bit serious and will lack humour. 


I would really appreciate some feedback and whatever you decide, I will go with the majority. Please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with your decisions, feedback, suggestions, etc. Please don't email me any more themes though because the dreams (and nightmares!) have already started with these 3 ideas. 

Happy Christmas

Nikki x







ADFP 2015


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