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Costumes & Makeup Advice PDF Print E-mail


Firstly, please stick to your budget. Many costumes are very expensive and it is easy to become dragged into spending more and more money. We agree a costume can have a big effect on how a dancer is perceived from the minute they step onto the competition floor but we have also seen many very effective costumes that have cost a fraction of the price. Make sure you are really into dance before you spend hundreds of pounds.

Unless you are an excellent dressmaker, avoid home made. Take notice of what is current. Check out for the up-to-date looks. Freestyle fashion changes like the wind. New competition squad members can take a look at our catalogues.

Stones and gems are in - sequins were a no no but have made a BIG comeback. Another big mistake is thinking its ok to have your bra / thong / knickers / etc. showing. IT IS NOT – It looks really bad. Imagine yourself in a stunning costume that your parents have paid lots of money for and then add striped or spotted pants or an off-white bra - PLEASE!   Check what you look like before you get on the floor – if not for your parents sake, then at least for Nikki’s sanity!

Please consider how much your partner can afford to spend.

Remember - even the most stunning costume goes unnoticed if the dancer wearing it doesn't shine!

If you are looking to buy a new costume then we advise speaking to Fran about a unique design, fabric and costings. Alternatively you can get some more info by clicking on these links:     








ImageFake Tan

Fake tan always looks good on the competition floor. It makes you look really healthy – unless you get it wrong. We strongly recommend that you experiment with different products and when you find one that suits you, stick with it. Buying cheaper fake tans can sometimes be false economy. You may need to apply more, they might peel off, sweat off or even worse turn you an undesirable shade of grey/green. When any of this happens, the result is not very attractive and may actually result in the judges perceiving you in a negative way.

We also ask that you consider what over tanning looks like. Some skins can take a second coat of fake tan and still look natural but some simply cannot. Although having browner legs and arms is acceptable, your face needs to look natural and recently we have been concerned by patchy or over tanned faces and strangely coloured skin. If you have used a ceratin brand that has achieved some of these undesirable results, we suggest you throw or give it away - please do not continue to use it. As one teacher said "we want you to stand out for the right reasons".

Try using one coat of fake tan only and then topping it up with sun shimmer.

Fake tans vary greatly in price. Garnier Ambre Solaire Express Bronzer is one of the cheaper options and is easy to blend and not 'over-the-top'. Fake Bake St Tropez and Xen-tan are other good, but more expensive options. If you don’t want to go for the ‘full-on / I am a tanned goddess’ look try one of the moisturising gradual tan lotions, but beware, these still need to be blended. The exfoliate – moisturise – tan system always works best and blend in a circular motion. Body shop’s cocoa butter exfoliater is excellent. Don’t forget to scrub your hands after.


Whatever you decide to use, always fake tan one or two nights before a comp. Do not leave it until the day. Please don’t use sun beds and if you go out in the sun, wear a high factor lotion. Burnt = Bad news!


Remember you are presenting an overall image – think of it as creating another character. That character is a performer.

Make upLipsGlitterImageImage

Foundation Don't forget to blend, blend, blend and finish with a little powder - not too over the top. We don't want your face to start cracking up on the competition floor.

Eyes and Blusher need to be accentuated. Make your eyes look big so that you stand out. Use a highlighter and consider false eyelashes – they do a good job if you can master how to apply them. There are some amazing false eyelashes available, some of which can enhance your costume. Look out for feathered, sparkly and diamanted versions. If you are not sure, you can buy individual lashes and stick a few on at a time. Create an interesting look and stand out from the crowd.
Blusher must stand out. What looks like a normal amount of blusher in daylight does not stand out on the competition floor.

Lips Add colour to your lips to add glamour. Gloss up to look sleek and finished.Make lips stand out. Don’t go too over the top with glitter on the lips – it doesn’t digest well!

Remember what looks over the top in the real world never looks over the top on the dance floor. Try not to cover your eyes, it makes you look less confident.

Hair accessories look great but make sure you have secured them because they are a danger to other competitors if they fall out.

Bring out all of your features. Spend time doing this – remember you are creating an image or a character.

Look immaculate. Make sure your hair is tidy. What is the point in spending an hour on your make up and not finishing off your hair. Your character should include a A well groomed hair style.



 Image Image Image
 Image Image Image






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