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ImageADFP Competitors

This page is dedicated to information about ADFP competitions.

ADFP Competitions and Registration

Registration for 2012 is now open. This year we are going to be doing registrations in 2 lots. Whichever close date you choose, your card will be valid until Dec 31st 2012.

The two closing dates for 2012 will be October 9th and December 14th 2011. Please do not miss this the December deadline if you decide not to re-register in October. Registration is £10 per dancer. Please put this into an envelope and include your name plus your current status for both solo and pairs so that we can check the info against our records.

If you order ADFP tickets and we have given our ticket order to the promoter, you will have to pay for your tickets even if you are unable to attend. Unfortunately, this includes cancellation due to illness. This is because we don't have the same flexibility at ADFP comps that we have with IDTA comps regarding ticket sales.

We strongly advise that you always check with your partner that they will be attending before booking tickets for an ADFP competition.


ADFP Competitions for 2011

October 2nd Swanley BOOKING CLOSED

October 16th Maidstone book tickets

November 20th Dance Factor Finals

December 2nd-4th Blackpool DKKQ Finals


January 29th Swanley

Feb 5th Grays

Feb 26th Bexleyheath

March 18th Maidstone (Mothers Day)

Click here to book tickets for any event

Eurodance Programme 2012



Congratulations to everyone that took part in ADFP competitions last year (our first season).

We achieved exceptional success and would like to congratulate the following dancers on their status upgrades and/or competition success.

Flo and Emma

Flo's dancing and flexibility improved drastically over last year with several first places and her win at Dance Factor. Emma and Flo together have worked on presentation and personality and have also achieved excellent results.










Gemma and Gemma

Gemma and Gemma individually have danced brilliantly and lost all of their Starter solo lives and both moved up to Inters. Together they have also achieved amazing success and are now Champs!


Lauren and Jess

Lauren has danced her way up the status ladder from Beginner to Starter and together Jess and Lauren have worked hard to reach Champ status too.





ADFP 2015


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