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Every time you attend a competition you will gain two extra hearts on your current loyalty card. These must be redeemed the following week to prevent a backlog of unstamped cards.


As our competition squad has grown, it has become more and more important that we are efficient when dealing with ticket orders and sales. Just recently, we have noticed an increasing number of people changing their ticket orders at the last minute, forgetting to order until the day before the comp, wanting to pay on the day, etc. Some of these problems are easy to deal with where there are only 50-60 attending, however, when we are handling ticket sales of anything up to 250 it can become very difficult to handle. We advise the following:

1. Before ordering your tickets find out if your dance partner is going.

2. Remember that being in a team means you are committed to attending competitions where teams are dancing. This is part of the agreement.

3. Get a total number for your party but if you are unsure, book 2 or 3, 5 or 6 etc as we would rather be aware that you are unsure rather than book 7 and then say I only need 3

4. Only book if you are sure you are going. It does not look good on our school if we order tickets according to what you book and then a large number change their mind.

5. Pay for your tickets before the event. We accept cash and cheques and it really helps to have this organised before the day of the event.

We hope everyone realises how important this is to us and thank you for your understanding.


Unfortunately, in recent months there are more and more reports of costumes going missing, when they are sent out to try on after being advertised for sale on This has resulted in many people in the dancing community being wary of just about everyone.

If you are selling a costume ALWAYS contact the dance teacher first. Ask appropriate questions that will confirm that the person on the other end of the phone is a dance teacher? In general chit chat, ask questions like: We are an IDTA school, what association are you? What is the difference between IDTA and ADFP? Questions to the buyer: What grade is your child on? What comps are you attending this month? Then, Google search and check if the phone numbers of the teacher you spoke to and the teacher they are claiming to be is the same. Is the address you are sending the costume to near to the dance school they attend? Only when you feel completely confident should you send the costume out. Sadly, Lauren P has lost a costume in the last couple of weeks to what can only be described as a thief and the police are currently investigating this, and a number of other stolen costumes, believed to be by the same person.

If you are buying a costume it is important to understand that the seller needs reassurance. The easiest way to do that is to give them Nikki's name and number. They can check who the director is through the ADFP, IDTA and ISTD. Additionally Nikki's personal number is also the business number and therefore it will apear numerous times on a google search for Impact Dance and Cheer Ltd. This website alone, should reassure sellers that we are a genuine school but they need to talk to Nikki to confirm the dancer is one of our members.

Hopefully, confidence can be regained as soon as the police catch the people responsible.





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