Competitive Freestyle - Nationwide Finals 2008
Freestyle is the up-to-date version of disco dancing but over the last 25 years it has evolved to become a fast, progressive dance style fusing a multitude of different movements with a strong middle body action. Freestyle is an excellent dance form that helps people of all ages with balance, coordination and rhythm. If you love dance music then freestyle is for you. 

Our classes are fun, socialable and packed with up-to-the-minute moves for all ages to enjoy. We pride ourselves on guiding dancers through from an early age where they are taught the basic figures through to highly skilled competitors with the confidence to produce and develop their own choreography.

All of our dancers have started attending classes for fun, as a social activity and one that has helped them forge friendships within the school that remain for many years. Some dancers choose to take their hobby further and become members of our competition squad. The picture on the right shows 2 dancers at the IDTA Nationwide Finals 2008 having qualified to represent the South-East Area as solo dancers in their age groups. Dancers who work hard are awarded with team places. Further details on teams can be found by clicking here .

Freestyle is one of the most popular dance styles we teach and we train our dancers to Nationwide level. The correct technique, strength, a sense of rhythm, performance skills and stamina all combine to make an excellent Freestyle dancer.

Slow dance is a sub – branch of Freestyle. This consists of flowing, graceful movements. We teach a limited amount of slow work during the summer term.

ImageFor under 8s we suggest attending our Saturday morning (Sturry and Ashford) or Tuesday afternoon classes (Canterbury) especially designed to teach dancers many different rhythms.

For 8 years and above classes are on Wednesdays (Canterbury and Ashford) and Saturdays (Sturry and Ashford).

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